Thursday, June 7, 2007

IDE 735#3: Gaming in Education

I was desperately squeezing time in today during work to prepare my presentation for tonight. I could only do one anyway. There's no time to do anything when one has a full schedule at work. This course really ought to be more spread out. There is hardly time to read and reflect on all the good stuff. Are they thinking only fulltime students should take this course? Better planning next time please, IDDE.

My boss saw me struggling to prepare my presentation. Thankfully he was understanding and showed me how SimCity Classic is played. Phew! He brought his tablet and even showed me how Civilizations looked on it. It looks cool.

After researching SimCity, I think I'm curious to go get either The Sims or Sims 2 about virtual people. I want to test how this might allow me to simulate some learning conditions: like how people might struggle with learning new technologies, the decisions they have to make, the complex conditions, and variables involved.

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