Sunday, June 17, 2007

IDE.735#9: Guest Speaker Clark

I visited Clark's site numerous times to read and prepare for the session on Thurs 6/14, so I was a bit disappointed not to get to ask all my questions. Still, I'll have a chance to post them.

I posed him a question about the lack of a standard lexicon or terminology in the field. Honestly, my head at this point is swimmingly full of jargon about sims. He said that his effort in creating the glossary blog was a start in the direction to standardization. Hmmm... I thought so but I wonder how this would take place.

Is there a national or international society of simulation experts? Like IBSTPI? Or PMI or ...?

Oh, I should record the glitch we had due to human error. The interesting thing is that technology did not fail us during the session, but the server controller forgot about the session and had to be reminded via an emergency call. Thankfully, I was able to call 2 other persons who finally got her number.

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