Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Oops, yes, the conference

Yes, the conference. I ought to write a little about it, lest some folks think all I did was sightsee Vienna.

Here are some links for those who are interested:

1. EdMedia08 twemes:

2. Keynotes:
04.07.2008:: Patricia Manson, Technology Enhanced Learning in the 21st Century - The Role of European Research”.
03.07.2008:: Peter J. Scott Where is the Mentor?: New Ways of Supporting Learning
02.07.2008:: Geetha Narayanan Moving beyond the Plentitude: An Indian Fable
01.07.2008:: Alan Amory Playing Games: Hegenomy as Enemy

3. EdMedia08 on Twitter:

4. EdMedia08 blog:

5. James Dalziel presented on Thursday 03.07.2008 after I'd left Vienna on LAMS, my favorite opensource tool - a Learning Activity Management System. Someone blogged about it here:

6. Michael Derntl, Beauty and Precision in Instructional Design

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