Thursday, December 30, 2010

Another Year Beckons

Adieu, 2010, and salut, 2011. The year was packed with several academic accomplishments. I leaped onto the treadmill of dissertation writing, hitherto a much longed-for state. Now, I'm decidedly less sure if it's the magical playground I had so desired, just like Narnia is to Lucy and Edmund. The thought of reading Lewis' Chronicles stirs up greater excitement in me. Perchance I might move past this fog I seem to be suspended in? The drudgery of it all is that I have to distill exactly what I'm studying, yet again (Urrgh, another round of it. But I am not a quitter). As a few of you know, I had to change supervisors and for a spell, this setback nearly quashed the fire in my belly. When this holiday break ends, I hope to recoup lost ground and direct my energies into whipping out that "spectacular" second proposal (still related to creativity from a different angle). Meanwhile, I shall enjoy the guilty pleasures that a holiday merrymaker deserves -- rest, culinary pleasures, and the renewing of friendships. Here's to a radiant new year filled with much love and joy! Sail on, Dawn Treader.

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