Thursday, December 2, 2010

Creative Problem-Solving in Reality

(Image Source: Tashi Mannox website: 
Note: I learned about these clouds through Dr. Julia Marshall's presentation. Beautiful and iconic -- representing nature, energy, heaven. And I stumbled upon Tashi Mannox by accident. Gorgeous design!

I feel like an instructional designer with a complex problem that requires a novel solution! How ironic! I am studying myself constantly, because 1. I have read up a LOT on creativity, and 2. never tire of learning about it. When someone told me he was interested in studying innovation but not creativity, I am perplexed. How can a person be interested in one (outcome) and not the other (process and means) when they are intricately linked? Why bother? What for?

With my earlier dissertation topic, I knew I wanted to study creativity and sought to match it with the instructional design field because I wanted to extend knowledge in both fields. Now, I have this complex and very important real-life problem I want to solve and I'm figuring out how to craft the most creative and valuable solution. I find this approach to be more engaging and authentic, a tad easier than problem-finding. Maybe the real creative challenge is in finding a problem, which I think Mark Runco wrote about somewhere. I'm really really grateful to be a part of a team that is seeking to solve this complex problem. Kudos to the Access team: Mj, Mi and R and my wonderful friends Mm and EY!

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