Monday, December 13, 2010

Paulo Freire, Boal, hooks...

More names to get acquainted with. Wish I know how to speed-read! Just lugged 10 books back from the Bird Lib. The librarian even placed them in a bag for me. Wow! The library is spiffing up not just physically.

R sent me a paper she had co-authored on a title I had envisioned for a possible project. But of course, my research will extend their study. I will develop a new perspective to the topic as an instructional design research student doing interdisciplinary work. She also sent me links and a contact person who is going to be doing a TO workshop. Ruminating about participating. Hrm!

P.S. hooks is deliberately spelled with a lower-case h because that's how bell hooks wishes to represent herself -- as in the book, Teaching to transgress.

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