Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gender gap news

Lester Holt reports on how girls are flying by boys in American colleges. And this:
"Among the fastest-growing jobs of the next decade, only two, janitorial work and computer engineering, are expected to be dominated by men."
Wow, where does he get these numbers from? Which studies are he referring to? Why doesn't he report actual numbers of women in STEM occupations? How many did he talk to for this report? Yes, I can see girls everywhere in my School of Education but in Engineering, Physics, Statistics? 
"Women dominate high school honor rolls and make up more than 70 percent of class valedictorians."
No source cited. Amazing the kind of claims that are made and reported without references to research studies. 

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ann said...

I believe all students are led not by achievement, but by what make them feel complete and secure or say, innersecurity. I feel in areas of stem fields, while Males may have the present lead, I feel women will continue to increase in education and yes, take over the stem areas in time. I feel in the area of stem areas, Females are able to reach places of innersecurity due to more proper treatment maintained from an early age onward without reaching into the stem areas. This limits Female entry into those areas. I feel however as the older Males in those areas retire, the positions will slowly be taken over by Females by sheer numbers of more educated Females. I feel Male entrys will be increasingly curtailed (unless made up by Males from other nations). The reason here is there are fewer and fewer nice, stable, middle class families offering somewhat compatible stable support for Male students. However, I feel the numbers of Females in college are true and those numbers will continue to rise. I feel in time, the differential treatment will eventually allow women to take over all areas including stem fields. We must however, look at how this will affect society in the long run by Males losing feelings of self-worth and then attacking and bringing down our very fragile society as a result. My learning theory will go to all on request

I see differential treatment as creating many differences in academic achievement over time. It is this differential treatment beginning as early as the first year that is creating the ever increasing gender gap in education.