Saturday, May 21, 2011


HLM 7* - Hierarchical Linear Modeling statistics software is a little clunky but not too complicated. My chair had said before, qualitative researchers understand statistics too, you know? I am doing a qualitative research study for my dissertation, but I work with quantitative data everyday at work -- lots of Excel spreadsheets, Access data queries, and presenting the data using mainly descriptive statistics. Dr. Bellini had said that some journal editors think descriptive statistics are "inferior"/second-class and this sort of data presentation is not as publishable. However, every data analytic method has a place in research, depending on what we are investigating. Learning both paradigms of research methodologies rounds me out as a researcher.

I am going to try to use a type of multilevel modeling approach to explore some program evaluation questions using my work data. This should be fun.

*Available at SSI Scientific Software:
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