Saturday, June 4, 2011

Deaf Meetings

Though my signing has improved, the flying hands at DC@PB by some people were too fast for me. I think being the only hearie, other than the little boy present, they were in THEIR world. No complaints because it helps me to understand what it is like for deaf people to be in a hearing world when we are the majority. I should be present at more meetings to improve my signing.

At DAC's picnic 6/4, there were a few more hearies who could sign very well. Everyone was welcoming to me but I think I'm mostly a curious presence, since I don't sign as well, :), but am there, hanging around B, my teacher or engaged with whoever would be patient with my signing.

It was very c-c-cold though and I left because I couldn't stand the cold anymore. B, I had to leave behind, with a nice guy who drove a Beemer. How strategically thoughtful of me. :)

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