Monday, February 24, 2014

TyRuben Ellingson: Digital Pragmata Brown Bag

Sketch notes 2/24/2014
TyRuben Ellingson delivered an outstanding talk today at the Academic Learning Commons 4100. I took some sketchnotes for reflection. Two major throughlines for this presentation, as I see it, are:
  • How do you become really good at doing something?
  • What fosters creativity?
I read and think about deep learning and effective learning -- constantly. TyRuben's talk adds to that mashup of ideas from print and nonprint resources. I see a pattern in learning that is necessary for one to become an exquisite and consummate artist (or an expert in any discipline) over time:
  • mentoring or apprenticeship - that is, to be in a position where you can closely observe and pick up the skills and practice of an expert (What would this look like in online learning?)
  • obsessive lifelong learning
  • sharp observation skills; an eye for detail
  • a fearless persistence in looking for opportunities
  • never ever think you can't (TyRuben, "I don't allow anything to block [my thinking].") 
Mostly, these are habits of mind we need to cultivate, with grit.