Saturday, May 17, 2014

The Canvas Babe

Once, there was a little girl who slept on a white canvas bed with wooden legs.

Every morning, she woke up and made her own bed.

She folded the white canvas bed and leaned it against the bedroom wall.

She also liked to sing and dance.

One day, she came home from dancing in a school concert. Her teacher had made up her face with some pretty colors -- blue on her eyelids, orange on her cheeks and red on her lips.

This image is a black-and-white drawing. It shows a picture of a girl
hiding behind a couch and 2 men talking to each other.

She saw papa talking to a man she had never met. She went to hide behind the wooden couch papa made. The man saw her.

He asked papa, "Why is your child's face all made up?" She kept this memory in her heart. She learned that Ah Tee was papa's supervisor. 

When she was about ten, she heard papa talking sadly to mama one night.

This image is a black-and-white drawing. It shows a girl sleeping
on a canvas bed, a couple talking and the canvas bed being folded up.

"Ah Tee said, no matter how bright she is, we'll never be able to send her to college!"

She didn't understand what those words meant.

Many many years have passed.

On May 9th, 2014, that "little girl" was hooded by her advisor at a doctoral hooding ceremony in Syracuse University.

Education fulfilled its promise in her life.

Yin Wah Kreher, doctoral hooding, 5/9/2014

Yin Wah Kreher with Marjorie DeVault, 5/9/2014

爸妈,虽然当天你们无法在场,我想您俩一定会很开心看到这些照片, 也希望在远方的你们会藉此感到骄傲. 我想要你们知道,你们永远在我心中是最重要的。感谢你们这么多年来,这么辛苦地养育我,培养我,默默地支持我。我只能说,在这一刻,我无法找到恰当的词汇来表达我对你们深深的感谢和爱。我会永远的感激你们和思念你们。女儿,燕华。

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