Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Thought Vectors Self-Portrait

I know, I know. My apologies for another introductory post for a MOOC. I will try to make this short and sharp.

Greetings to my fellow MOOCers from Richmond, Virginia! For those who are just reading this blog, I wrote an earlier introductory blogpost which is more visual using a Life Story album cover and a Life Story playlist. That was for a Creativity MOOC by Tina Selig which I successfully completed for the second time! Yay!

The trail that led to this post began with a legendary tale about Ernest Hemingway. Allegedly, he was challenged to create a story using only 6 words (For sale, baby shoes, never worn). Gardner Campbell mentioned this in the Thought Vectors in Concept Space Live Hangout tonight. I've been mulling over for two days which six words will best do to introduce myself for this cMOOC. It's time I post my six-word life story:

Yin Wah Kreher: Six-Word Life Story.  Image says: Extravagant love,
green card, perpetual learning.

As a self-descriptor, here are six more words:

centered versatile boundary-crosser, quiet confidence, enigma.

Pleased to meet you all!


Tom said...

I'm also a long time fan of the idea. There has to be a reason we all work together.

Yin Wah Kreher said...

I echo this, "Difficult and creative is the opposite of boring." I derive a lot of thrill from crafting words together, :-D. It IS getting to be a bit much for coincidences. I've another blogpost written in 2007 which amazingly connects with the assignment of "how I feel when I think." Astounding.

Anonymous said...
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