Sunday, January 18, 2015


Intricate Gate
Intricate Gate

Doing the Selfie
The above two photos were taken on July 30, 2014, on my first photo safari with my colleagues.

The next 4 were taken on January 16, 2015 with my new colleagues, Emma and Max, with Tom leading. All photos were taken using my Samsung Galaxy phone.

The Throne
I find this throne-like chair that is blocking the doorway curious.

Winter Tree

I have a penchant for snapping pictures of trees -- blooming, withered, snarling. They are easily symbols of life and death.

1005 and 1007
Architecture is another fave subject. "Don't they all look the same after a while?" my husband asks. Not really.

I could have shifted myself so that the little bit of another building would be out of the picture. But I find imperfection in photos sometimes rather peculiarly endearing and real. I've added another painted layer over the original photo to make it more imperfect, :-P.

New Faculty Academy 1-9-15
Stan and I were there with Tom. I was happy to find that several participants found ALT Lab's services interesting despite the food distraction.

Down the Street Where I Work

I saw with fresh eyes how lovely these houses were to the left of the building where I work. New eyes are good.

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Tom said...

I really like the "The Throne" image and took a similar picture of the steeple but I like your shot better.