Saturday, April 4, 2015

For Marj DeVault

Marj DeVault, Professor, Maxwell School of Public Administration, Syracuse University
Marj DeVault, Professor (Just Retired),
Maxwell School of Public Administration, Syracuse University

I meant to post this for you, Marj, on the Day of your party. I'm sorry I missed your BIG DAY.

Remember the Acknowledgments page in my dissertation?

"I am indebted to many people for the completion of this dissertation, not all of whom I
am able to list in a detailed fashion. To the following I owe my utmost gratitude:

Marjorie DeVault, my advisor, for taking me "from crayons to perfume" (To Sir with Love). You continually teach and model for me, in exquisite ways, the knowledge and practice of research, scholarly writing, mentoring, teaching, service and so much more. The thrill and pleasure I derived in crafting this study and writing it up are entirely due to your astute and gentle guidance.

Other members of my dissertation committee ... etc. etc." Someday I will post the full Acknowledgments. Now, I'd like the spotlight to be entirely on you.

When no one had time for me, you were always there.

Success in achieving a PhD depends upon a close and effective working relationship with one’s advisor and mentor. And yet, while virtually every doctoral student has a research advisor, survey data from the PhD Completion Project and other studies show that not every student has access in their doctoral program to someone they consider a mentor. (Council of Graduate Schools)

I am very blessed to have you as my advisor-mentor. Even when I was miles away from Syracuse, I knew I would complete my dissertation, because I had every trust in your support.

Happy retirement Marj! Much love!

Love sign, Lewis Ginter Park, Richmond, VA
Much Love

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