Saturday, May 9, 2015

Group Learning

At work, there was substantial discussion around the terms collaborative work, cooperative work, team work and group work --- all focused on making the OLE (Online Learning Experience) a perfect experience for our participants. After a while, a colleague said he doesn't really care what words we use for these "more than one person" type of learning. Signs of burnout? In the end, I offered to use other words like group learning and team learning in place of collaborative learning. The most important thing is not which word we choose to use, though that is quite important, but what meaning we attach to it, because people will interpret words differently.

I picked up a couple of definitions of group learning from my last workshop at Sabot. Both individuals work with the Project Zero group at Harvard. What follows is Steve Seidel's poetic definition of group learning.

Benjamin Mardell's definition:

For text equivalent of images: Word Document

Other blogposts I've written about group learning: Group Work, Magically Imperfect Group Work

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