Saturday, June 30, 2007

IDE 735#13: More reflection

So the course has ended, but I feel it's just begun for me. There's just so much to catch up on because of the course schedule and my own work schedule. I didn't get to really read and chew on what I've read. There's a lot of readings I want to delve into; I want to rewrite my final paper for a conference submission; it's just a first draft. I have so many things I want to clarify, so many concepts I still have not a firm grasp of yet: like, microworlds vs virtual worlds; are virtual worlds all microworlds? not all microworlds are virtual worlds? I don't know. How about VR? Are all virtual worlds VR? But not all VR are virtual worlds? Wish I could ask someone. I've tried to google and read some of the listed articles, but no resolution yet. Still seeking.

At the AACE conference, Second Life was on the lips of everyone. Glad I've done a paper on it, phew. Games in education continue to be big. A forum is going to be started and I'm going to join the SIG.

I feel like I haven't learned enough. The course seemed to be stunted by the short few weeks. I need more time to let it all sink it. I guess the rest is up to me to do independent informal learning. But it's definitely piqued my interest to go more indepth and read more on the topics.

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