Wednesday, June 20, 2007

IDE.735#12: SL for relaxation

With such limited time and so much to do, I often have all these thoughts I want to blog about but don't because I just don't get to a computer on time and those moments/thoughts are lost.

I posted 2 questions on Clark's blog after asking one of them during his guest speaker appearance on June 14.

I'm now trying to gather my thoughts and findings about SL to create my final paper. Started well but researching on SL is frustrating. Today I tried to attend a major event hosted by the University of Southern California Center of Public Diplomacy and was booted out several times. I reappeared at the gate so many times the greeter said, "You again Kollette, sheesh!" Hey, that was some courteous greeting! Anyway, won't write about this event here as I'm including it in my final paper. I have big dreams of submitting it for a conference, LOL.

Anyways, I also tried SL as a form of relaxation though my husband thinks I suffer from computer addiction and am wasting time, especially after what I told him about USC getting a $550,000 grant for studying about philanthropy in virtual worlds. He was like, whoa, that kind of money can be better spent in the real world. Hmmm... my husband doesn't get it that these avatars represent real people who by participating in the virtual world are using it to complement their real world philanthropy.

So anyways, here's what I did for relaxation after the stress recently of cramming for this course:
1. Swimming in a pool at Kanes Project (143, 42, 37) 6/19
No one was around, so it was a lonely dip. However, I miss swimming since I have hardly done any of it since coming over to the US.

Here I'm all stretched out alone in the only clothes I have; no LindeX to buy any swimwear or anything.

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