Monday, June 18, 2007

IDE.735#11: The Fascination of SL

I'm beginning to find SL very addictive. There's just so much going on. It's a game, so it's fun and engaging, but it can also be educational. I'm also learning a whole new vocabulary. Do you know what a prim is? I didn't until I googled to check it out as Miss SL 2007 kept using it in her blog.

Personally, I think SL has great potential, setting aside all the pc crashes and motion sickness I get.

Here's a bit about what I've learned -- thanks to Natalia, Miss SL07:

1. There's really a lot of help for newbies contrary to the initial frustration we had. Once you get in, you can go to lots of places for help to customize your avatar and learn about SL.

2. Just like real life, there are places to visit, events to engage in, sports to play, relationships to form, shopping to be done, etc. What a life!

3. Educational - besides experiencing events and phenomena virtually, one can receive support for healing and engage in discussions with others too.

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