Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Second RAP drafted

I finished a complete draft of my second RAP, but after letting it settle a bit, I started to pick on a few things. Well, it's a narrative research paper. But I do have visual representations of ideas based on my observation and interview data. Is it ok to have some preliminary theoretical framework based on the small sample of my single case study data?

Then I started thinking which journal such a paper might be tailored to fit in. Narrative Inquiry? International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education? Qualitative Inquiry? Looked at those publications and had this 'hmm' moment, :(. I have a LOT of work to do before it gets to a stage resembling THOSE journal articles. First, I need someone to guide me to write in those journalistic style. As Gardner wrote, "Unlike most colleagues I have always written books as well, and now the bulk of my writing is either in book form or in articles intended for a wider audience. Such technical writing as I still do is almost always in collaboration with students, who require training in scientific writing." Hooray for him!

I also thought about which tradition is really suitable for my research interest. I don't know how narrative research about meanings of lived experiences match my topic if I don't want to quantify my narratives. Questions questions.

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