Saturday, April 3, 2010

Instructional Science: Notes from Reigeluth, Bunderson & Merrill

RBM writes in the 1978 article about the design science of instruction.

They use their own terminology for ID/IDev:

1. a prescriptive design science with 3 phases: design (methods of instruction), production (methods of organization & media production), validation (methods of measurement)

2. 3 approaches for each phase: artistic, empirical and analytic

3. design science of instruction is foundation of design

4. 3 types of professionals in instructional science: scientists, technologists, technicians

5. theory construction procedures:
a) development of a taxonomy of instructional variables;
b) formulation of a few basic postulates that relate those variables to each other;
c) empirical validation/repudiation of postulates through experimental testing of hypotheses;
d) testing of variables in realistically complex models or systems of instruction

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