Saturday, April 3, 2010

Linear ID: Models, Challenges & Myths (Braden 1996)

With an IDE 830 design and development exam (and also D&D qual) just around the corner, I'm trying to note down some of my re-readings/exam prep in this blog:

[First summary of key Braden (1996) thoughts about ISD, linear ID/IDev]

The jargon problem in the ID field leads him to find commonalities in what instructional designers do.

Linear ID and IDev:

1. systematic - follows a prescribed set of steps
2. linear - predetermined order (I don't buy this need to do ID/IDev in a linear way)
3. design - calls for analysis, creative planning, decision making

Commonalities among instructional designers
  • concern for facilitation of learning
  • their product is the prescription for learning – also referred to as instruction
  • common base of literature – theory and advice
1. can express how ID is done in a model
2. systematic design is cybernetic, involves a feedback loop or revision
3. prescriptive procedures (vs descriptive ones) follow a fixed/prescribed sequence of activities

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