Sunday, October 10, 2010


It is inconceivable how invasive and disrespectful some people are to the privacy of others, especially with respect to online privacy. It is unfortunate and tragic how some have succumbed to the bullying, like Tyler Clementi, who saw no way out.

I have been a victim of people who blatantly disrespect the wishes of others to be unsubscribed from their online news. Unfortunately, some people cannot be reasoned with. I used to request, failing which, command, failing which, delete entire email accounts, just so I can escape the harassment. Subsequently, I learned to direct my email programs to immediately route these sorts of emails for deletion. Now, I no longer have to deal with the mental anguish that drove people like Tyler to suicide. And hope I never have to be cornered like Tyler was.

Cyberbullies have no idea how they torment others because they are in such great pain themselves. They act in a controlling way so that they can feel better about themselves. Unfortunately, they are unaware or in denial that they need psychiatric counseling, not those who remain silent and don't speak about their hideous acts. We need to fight against cyberbullying.

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