Monday, October 11, 2010

The things we learn from TV

Today, I had a break from writing and watched TV, yes, passive leisure in a way, but my brain needs a break, right?

How I Met Your Mother. What a witty show. I like the characters, and I love Barney, Neil Patrick Harris! The actors were competing today to win some kind of competition. In the end, though, each of them learned something about what real winning is. Well, what I learned was what a "walking calculator" ad had pointed out to Barney and Ted, "CE- clear everything; -, subtract your negativity; +, add a new perspective". Yeah!

Dancing with the Stars. OK, some people will think it's a cheesy reality TV show. I don't watch any other reality TV show other than this, I swear, but I watch DWTS because I love to dance. I enjoy watching how hard they train and listening to them talk about the tough practices, the perseverance. Like Jennifer Grey, she has 2 screws in her neck, she has this pain on the balls of her feet, and she's 50, but she dances like she's still in her 20s! Man, is she my heroine or what? Emotional management is what distinguishes successful people from give-uppers. And Derek, my favorite dance pro, he encourages her, talking to her and telling her, "You're awesome, believe that you're awesome and let it flow from you." Or something like that. Confidence!

See? It is emotional management that gets us to the end. Press on.

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