Wednesday, January 19, 2011

5 Questions ...

from Dr. Jackie Orr's course last night. We were warned that her instructional goal may make us uncomfortable -- cognitive dissonance brings about change/growth.

 1. What happens to theory/thinking (the practice of thought; something we "do") when the body is taken seriously or as central animate space?

2. How has a focus on "difference"/multiplicity troubled everything in contemporary theory? (how has decentralization of western civilization affected contemp theory, from philosophy to feminist theory...)

3. Where does the renewed attention to marginalized histories and popular memories lead us when trying to think of the present (What's the name of this decade)?

4. How/Why do theorists begin to experiment seriously with language forms of representation, style, poetics, politics, playings with language as a necessary practice of theory?

5. What are the effects of all these theoretical perceptions with difference, what do these effects have on how people analyze and experience power as a political, social, linguistic force, a force of the practice of knowledge itself?

Dissertation chair suggested I take her course which might provide insight to the framing of my dissertation. Ponder. Learn. Not so sure if I have the time to do all the readings, write papers and write my proposal at the same time.

Update 1/22/10: Regrettably dropped class as I want to really focus on completing readings for my dissertation. Not enough time on my hands as it is.

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