Sunday, January 30, 2011

iStethoscope Pro: mLearning in Healthcare

"Experts are saying the software is a major advance in medical technology and enables doctors in remote areas to access specialist advice." Read more 

I read this with careful contemplation. I try to think how this device can be used to supplement other means to improve healthcare. It would be interesting to find out more about how it is used in practice.

I don't have an iPhone, yet, maybe, because I'm a poor doctoral student. This doesn't stop me from being curious about the possibilities of what mobile, and any other, technology can do to level the playing field. My friend is investigating the use of mobile technology in her home country (unpublished PhD in progress) because there is a higher adoption of and affordability for cellphones than computers. I recognize a social divide there that causes the digital divide. My question is, will this help them learn better? It will probably facilitate more access to learning content, so is this more about literacy/equity than the quality and effectiveness of learning and instructional design?

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