Thursday, April 28, 2011

In Celebration of Last Access Class for Spring 2011

The students had a great time showing off their final products -- Ann with her brochure for Deaf patient advocacy; Tara came later but we got to see some awesome video clips starring a few Deaf individuals, and  one created by Mj herself. Hers was really funny. We plan to use these videos for Deaf Awareness Week.

In this project group, I find humor, intellect, compassion, and many other good stuff.  I feel happy to watch researchers enjoy each other's company, turn goofy sometimes, collaborate and show the way for students to serve the public good! In this climate, I find my inspiration to do research, especially when the path to dissertation writing gets tough. All three project directors are always trying their best to connect me to people who could help further my research. They lift my spirits!

As usual, we ran out of time sharing and working on details for our next effort/event. I didn't get to share my dissertation progress, but it's OK, my time will come on Tuesday.

After our meeting, lunch had been scheduled to take place at Appethaizing, but apparently, there was flood damage at Appethaizing and so we changed venues. A very nice and enjoyable lunch took place at Samrat's with 12 of us, me and De from SOE; Tara, Newhouse; Matt from Upstate, Shz, Ann and Tvh from Law.  Interdisciplinarity breeds creativity. Dr. Joel Potash from the Upstate Center for Bioethics and Humanities joined us. He writes plays about healthcare issues, but has expanded his realm of writing to include that of issues of identity. I'm looking forward to having lunch with him and R at some point in summer.

I know Mj took some pictures which will eventually be posted on our Access blog... :)

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