Saturday, November 12, 2011

The writing process
"If the only time you decide to enjoy yourself is when everything is perfect, you are never going to have much fun!" - Joyce Meyer
R-i-g-h-t! Writing a dissertation is often described as an isolating and alienating experience. It's not much fun most times, and far from perfect. One really needs to make a deliberate choice to focus on the good parts and create some fun for oneself.

"Such as?"

When everything becomes overwhelming, I walk away and do something I enjoy and find inspiration in. Get away from the intensity (insanity?) of things and try to be a little distant from it all.

"Not easy."

Yes, but, what is the alternative? I want to finish and reach my destination. Deliberately, breathe, get inspired and then continue from where I've left off, towards the finishing line.

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